Web Rx

A prescription medication tool in the palm of your hand!

WebRx provides information regarding your prescription coverage, proposes cost-saving alternatives and helps you reduce your prescription costs.

Give WebRx a try!

How to access WebRx

  1. Go to the CyberClient login page
  2. Type in your access code and password
  3. Under Your Contracts, click on your group plan to access your personal file
  4. From the left-hand menu, under Claims, click on WebRx


    To have access to WebRx, you need to have drug coverage from Industrial Alliance and a pay direct or deferred drug card.

NOTE: The reimbursement amount calculated by WebRx does not constitute a contractual commitment on the part of Industrial Alliance. The results of the simulation may differ from the amounts that will be billed to you at the pharmacy. The actual reimbursement amount to which you are entitled will be calculated when you file your claim. WebRx should be used for information purposes only.

* All WebRx users outside the province of Quebec are able to see the price of the drug they are searching for at each pharmacy found. In Quebec, WebRx does not provide prices per pharmacies. Instead, it provides an average provincial price for each drug found.